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MG Live is a modern online casino software provider which centers its production on live dealer games and fun slots. The company has a mobile-centric approach and aims to contribute to the live gaming industry by improving the digital experience of live casinos and provoking attention. MG Live games make use of an improved interface which is applicable across all devices and works particularly well on tablets and smartphones.

Although the team’s mindset operates on a global level, the software has an evidently Asian appeal. The choice of projects is telling enough, as you have games mainly popular in Asia in the company’s portfolio. Sic bo and baccarat are the main products, accompanied by roulette and slots, as the only game format that is completely software-driven.

More About MG Live Casino Games

The young and ambitious software provider has figured out the way to enable simultaneous play across multiple tables and introduced the Instant Bet feature. Its use does not compromise the live experience and gives direct control over the stakes chosen by the layer in the live dealer lobby. Up to six tables can be operated in real time, which increases the player’s chances of winning and allows him or her to explore more options and features within a specific time period.

Live Blackjack

At present, blackjack does not exist as part of the MG Live portfolio. The provider, most likely, does not see the need for developing a card game with such tradition in western casinos without fully devoting its engineering skills to games which are more typical of the Asian gambling communities. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be any MG Live blackjack games in the future.

Live Baccarat

The aim of live baccarat is to mimic the atmosphere and gameplay of traditional baccarat regularly played at numerous Asian land-based casinos. The MG Live lobby offers a varied choice of baccarat tables where you can play at turbo speed, with specific side bets and features. Presented in a multiplayer format, baccarat also offers distinguishable table limits so as to accommodate players with lower and higher bankrolls.

Bonus Baccarat is a single-player format which contains several side bets, namely Dragon Tiger, Phoenix Pair and Turtle Pair. The latest addition to the baccarat family is No Commission Baccarat, featuring Super 6 side bet and 0.4% extra house edge on Banker bet win (in comparison with Bonus Baccarat). Super 6 pays 12:1 with a house edge of 29.98%.

Live Roulette

MG Live offers an elegant version of the European style casino classic, which isn’t exactly otherworldly. The game features a clean-cut interface and enables the player to zoom in on the roulette wheel during critical moments. Racetrack layout is available aside from the standard betting area, along with Tiers, Orphelins and Voisins du Zero wagers.

There are 157 betting possibilities altogether. Live roulette also benefits from an improved statistics page, where bettors get to see Hot and Cold numbers, and the percentages in which other actions are successful. The statistics panel allows placing direct bets while on that page, and there is a useful Favourites menu where players can save up to 6 bets as their preferred wagering choices.

Other Games

If you’re in the mood for another inherently Asian game of chance, you can have a go at another classic –sic bo. With a simple premise of betting on the outcome of a dice roll, live sic bo is appealing to both novices and experienced bettors. The MG Live version of sic bo stays true to the traditional sic bo gameplay, except that it supports multi-table mode, a characteristic of all other live dealer products by the same aspiring provider.

Our Verdict

Despite being founded by a team with rich global gaming experience, MG Live is oriented towards new generations of players and live casino consumers. For this Asian-facing company, mobile is the essence, and as a consequence, you will not see any game interface being compromised by disarray and confusing layouts. It’s all about the crispy clear feed and straightforward functions.