This community has been around since 2002. So it is one of the longest running betting sites. It is probably best seen as a lively community. If you want to take part and pick up some tips then it is a decent place to visit.

OLBG is owned by Invendium Ltd. This is an online betting group with a number of sites. OLBG is their flagship site but you might have heard of others, like ValueChecker, too.

This site has a reported 50,000 members. This makes it one of the most popular sports betting sites around. They get millions of visits each month. There is also a mobile app that has been downloaded close to a million times. You can follow them on Twitter for the latest news as well.

In this OLBG review, we will look at the overall site. What can you expect to find here to help you?


At the top of the screen you will see a few different categories. These are as follows. Free bets & offers, best bookies, free tips & tipsters, betting strategy, members & tipster competition.

We will look in detail at these areas later in the OLBG review. Clearly, there is plenty there to keep you going. But will any of these features help you to make more money?

If we go through them one by one, we will see what they each have to offer. Once you have chosen a bet, you are taken straight your betting slips. You can also head straight to a bookie offer. This means that you can find bets and offers here then sign up to the right site seamlessly.


For some people, this will be the highlight of the site. After all, there are lots of people looking for good betting tips. There are also many websites offering this service just now. Where does OLBG stand out from the rest?

OLBG Tipsters

The first thing you will see here is that there are ”over 2000 daily active sports betting experts”. This means that there are plenty to look through. You won’t be short of tipsters to choose from on here.

Thankfully, you can filter your selection based on different areas. For instance, you could look for those with the highest annual profit recorded. Another option is to filter by annual trends. Other filters include annual strike rate, 30 days profit or 7 days profit.

We will look later in this OLBG review at the best tipsters. For the moment, we can see how to find out more on each one, though. You do this by clicking on the tipster you are interested in.

This lets you see a range of details. So you can see their latest tips, as well as lots of statistics. Included here are their best and worst months. You can also see how their daily profit has varied over time.

If you are happy to put in the time, you can discover a lot of useful information. With so many tipsters, you can try to find the perfect one for your needs.


We just saw how to look for individual tipsters. However, it is also possible to look for the top tips directly. You do this by entering “free tips and tipsters”. You will then see a bar appear with different categories.

Your options are as follows. Today’s best tips, football tips, horse racing tips, best tipsters, accas.

If we look at the day’s best tips, what do we see? These are the site’s hot tips. This means that they are the most popular choices for that day. This takes into account the combined wisdom of the site’s members.

OLBG todays best tips

At the time of this OLBG review, the top tip is for football. After that, there are a few more football matches and then some horse racing.

You can see a list of different information on each bet by entering into it. For instance, the first one just now is for Spain Women vs USA Women. This is in the Women’s World Cup.

I can see that there have been 46 tips on this game so far. 43 of them are for the American ladies to win. There have been 2 tips for a Spain win and 1 for the draw. You can also see what the site’s best tipsters have to say on this bet. It then shows the odds for the overall best option on this match.

Below this, are a number of comments. These include opinions on different types of bets. You can see why tipsters believe you should bet on number of goals scored, both teams to score etc. Basically, all of the information needed for you to make your decision is gathered here.

Of course, the accas part covers accumulators. These are formed using the site’s best tipsters. They take into account when a number of the top experts suggest the same tip. You also have the option of making up your own accumulator if you prefer.

The football tips and horse tips let you filter out these sports. They are the two most popular types of tip on OLBG. If you look in the day’s bet tips, you will see that most are for football or horse racing. Other sports like tennis and rugby are covered but are less frequently seen.


If you are new to the world of betting then you may want to check out this part of the OLBG review. You will find the option at the top of the screen on the home page.

If you go to the betting strategy school first of all you will see some articles. These are evergreen betting articles on subjects like how to find winners and handicaps explained. It is a solid starting point.

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